Some frequently asked questions

  • How much Topbuxus Health Mix will I need? Each tablet can treat 10m2 of hedge or plants. Click here for the quantity calculator if you are unsure how much you need.
  • How do I use Topbuxus Health Mix? It’s easy! Click here to find out.
  • How do I know if I’ve got Box Blight? Typical symptoms of Box Blight are dark spots appearing on the leaves, followed by the whole leaf turning brown, or black.  Leaves will quickly fall and the stems may show dark patches.   However yellow or sick looking Box can be caused by many underlying reasons. If your plant has been in the same pot for a long time maybe it has used up all the nutrients in the compost and just needs potting up into a larger container. Perhaps the ground is poor or the plant is in deep shade all day and is simply lacking in essential nutrients or sunlight.
  • When is the best time to use Topbuxus Health Mix? Normally during the growing season between March and October. See How to Use for more information.
  • Can I apply Topbuxus Health Mix in the winter? No problem at all.  If you have Box Blight Topbuxus Health Mix will still be effective but don’t expect much visual improvement during the winter months as the plants are hardly growing at this time of year anyway.
  • What will happen if I give my plants an ‘overdose’ of Topbuxus Health Mix? Don’t worry, your plants will not be damaged by an ‘overdose’.
  • Can I use Topbuxus Health Mix along with other sprays?  In our experience Topbuxus Health Mix can be safely used along with any other sprays or insecticides.  However, spraying with other products very soon after you’ve just applied Topbuxus Health Mix would not be advised as this may wash off the Health Mix.  Allow Topbuxus Health Mix 24 hours to dry before applying anything else to your plants. (12 hours may be fine if the weather is warm and sunny.)
  • My plants are looking sick and there are small cobwebs/webbing all over them – is this Blight?  Very likely you have an infestation of the Box Tree Caterpillar (Cydalima perspectalis) and unfortunately Topbuxus Health Mix will not deal with this problem.  However there are effective treatments available for this problem.
  • Can I spray my plants after I have just trimmed them? Yes, no problem.
  • Once I’ve made up my Topbuxus Health Mix solution, how long will it keep for?  There’s no defined period but you’ll be fine to keep it a couple of weeks, although it may need stirring or shaking when you come to use it again.  If the mixture becomes ‘lumpy’ or solidifies in anyway we would advise you dispose of it as it is likely to block your sprayer nozzle.
  • What is the shelf life for Topbuxus Health Mix? Topbuxus Health Mix doesn’t have an official shelf life.  In our experience, as long as it is kept in the dry and out of direct sunlight it should last several years at least.
  • Do I apply Topbuxus Health Mix to the roots/base of the plant or spray all over?  Topbuxus Health Mix is a folia feed and is taken in by the plant through the leaves, not the roots.  Spray the plants all over and if possible apply to the center of the plant as well.
  • Does Topbuxus Health-Mix really work?  This very valid question is frequently asked and although we believe 100% in the product we think that our customers can answer this more persuasively than we can!  Check out what they have to say HERE.
  • Why do I need to use Topbuxus Grow as well as Topbuxus Healthmix?   We’ve answered this question a couple of times elsewhere but these three points help to clarify why you should use both.   POINT ONE: There are four primary factors that affect plant growth: water, light, temperature and nutrients. Topbuxus Grow provides all the nutrients in the correct proportions that a Boxwood plant needs.  Topbuxus Grow will make your plants grow.  POINT TWO: Plant health is a broad term but largely involves protecting and mitigating the adverse effects of pests, disease and other changes that may affect plants. Topbuxus Healthmix will keep your plants healthy.  POINT THREE: Plants need to be healthy to grow and to keep healthy they need to keep growing. Topbuxus Grow used in conjunction with Topbuxus Healthmix is a potent combination and will ensure that your plants are constantly in tip top condition.
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