Topbuxus Grow (encourages growth)


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Product Information

Topbuxus Grow is a granular fertiliser.  And it has been developed specifically to make Boxwood plants grow faster and thicker with dense, dark green leaves.

Boxwood typically has three growth flushes throughout the spring and summer, (approximately mid-April, mid-June and mid-August).  Topbuxus recognised that a fast-acting fertiliser was required that could be applied to coincide with these flushes, providing a boost of nutrients to the plants just when they needed it the most.  The same Boxwood nursery that developed Topbuxus Healthmix then began a 6 year trial period on their nursery in conjunction with Wageningen University & Research to find the perfect granular fertiliser for Boxwood.  Topbuxus Grow is the result of this research. We believe that there is no better granular fertiliser on the market for Boxwood.  It is easy to use and quickly makes a very noticeable improvement to Boxwood plants.

There are two tub sizes.   The smaller tub of 500 grams works out at 20 pence per 10 grams of fertiliser.  The larger tub of 5kg is a lot more cost effective at 7 pence per 10 grams.


Why use Topbuxus Grow?

  • It will encourage strong, uniform, dark green growth.
  • Topbuxus Grow has been meticulously formulated, tested, refined, and proven in the field by Europe’s largest Boxwood nursery for their own Boxwood plants.
  • Topbuxus Grow was developed specifically for Boxwood.
  • Topbuxus Grow is a fertiliser that is easy to use and fast acting (unlike many other granular fertilisers).
  • Stops yellowing and orange leaves.
  • Promotes strong root growth resulting in plants that are better able to cope with drought and poor soil conditions.
  • Grow is fast acting and also long lasting and will continue feeding the plants for up to 2 months from application.
  • Plants which have suffered from Box moth caterpillar infestation will be encouraged to quickly refoliate if Grow is applied during the spring and summer months.
Healthy looking Buxus plants, along with some Taxus Topiary

A Box bush in poor condition
A healthly looking box plant that has been treated with Topbuxus grow
Approx 2 weeks after applying Topbuxus Grow

Why use Topbuxus Grow as well as Topbuxus Healthmix?

  • There are four primary factors that affect plant growth: water, light, temperature and nutrients. Topbuxus Grow provides all the nutrients in the correct proportions that a Boxwood plant needs.  Topbuxus Grow will make your plants grow.
  • Plant health is a broad term but largely involves protecting and mitigating the adverse effects of pests, disease and other changes that may affect plants. Topbuxus Healthmix will keep your plants healthy. Click here to find out more about Topbuxus Healthmix.
  • Plants need to be healthy to grow and to keep healthy they need to keep growing. Topbuxus Grow used in conjunction with Topbuxus Healthmix is a potent combination and will ensure that your plants are constantly in tip top condition.

How to Use Topbuxus Grow

Topbuxus Grow is very simple to apply.

  • Take a small handful or scoop of the Topbuxus Grow granules.  Then sprinkle the granules evenly on the soil around the base of each box plant. We would recommend that impervious gloves are used if you are doing it by hand.
  • Of course, if you are treating a huge old Box hedge/bush that has great big thick trunks you will want to increase the amount to suit.
  • Avoid getting it on the leaves of the plants as this could cause scorching.
  • Apply three times a year. Mid- April, mid-June and mid-August.