Topbuxus XenTari

What is Topbuxus XenTari?

Simply put, Topbuxus Xentari is a biological insecticide and is based on the Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Aizawai.  It is extremely effective at killing Boxtree Moth Caterpillars, those pesky blighters that are causing so much damage and grief up and down the country.  It is 100% safe for humans, other animals, bees – and birds that may eat the treated caterpillars.


Where can I buy Topbuxus Xentari?

For now, we can’t sell Topbuxus Xentari in the UK.





Any insecticide for sale in the UK has to pass through a registration process which is very time consuming and expensive.  Whilst Topbuxus XenTari has been approved for several countries on the Continent it has not yet been approved for the UK – it is progressing through UK registration and we eagerly await its full approval.

When can we expect Topbuxus XenTari to be approved for the UK?

As we pointed out in the previous paragraph Topbuxus XenTari is currently going through the rigorous registration process.  Tests are being carried out and progress is being made, although the approval date is still to be confirmed.  Once approved, the product will actually have a new (and more appropriate name) ‘Topbuxus Anti-caterpillar’  – also a bit easier to pronounce!  Apart from the name, the packaging will stay more or less the same so it will still be very recognisable to all previous users of Topbuxus Xentari.  Meanwhile, keep fighting the caterpillars with all you’ve got – and we will carry on working away at the registration process.  This page will be updated as we progress.


What else can I use to combat Boxtree Moth Caterpillars?

  • Boxtree Moth caterpillar traps.  Traps are not a cure in their own right but will assist you in catching and monitoring male Moths.  Reducing male moth numbers will of course go some way towards limiting an infestation and reducing egg laying. Click on this link to buy Box Moth traps.
  • Boxtree Moth caterpillars are not mysterious super creatures that are impervious to all insecticides apart from Topbuxus Xentari.  We still think nothing is quite as good as Topbuxus Xentari, but if you can find an alternative, legally approved, caterpillar insecticide there is every chance it will kill them.
  • Nematodes can be effective against Box Tree Caterpillars.  The best species of nematode you can use is the Steinernema carpocapsae.  Traps and Nematodes are readily available from various outlets online.


Is Topbuxus Healthmix effective against Boxtree Moth Caterpillars?

The short answer is, no Topbuxus Healthmix will not kill the caterpillars or combat them in any way.  However, if you have had an infestation of Boxtree Moth Caterpillar it is vital that you do apply Topbuxus Healthmix.  Topbuxus Healthmix will give your plants a real boost to get them going again just when they need it the most.   Apply even to decimated plants that have been eaten down to bare stems – if you apply quick enough the plants should begin shooting again quite rapidly.

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